Club News Winter 2018



Hope everyone has been having a very productive winter and are getting ready for spring!

Business as Usual

Nothing big to report regarding the farm or club, things have been business as usual. The fish and handling the mild winter fine and will be ready for stocking this summer.

Kids Derby Planning

The kids derby will be happening again this year as part of the memorial day weekend Boulder Creek Festival. We're currently planning everything out and starting to reach out to local companies for donations for the prizes. We'll also being doing a cleanup around the pond a few weeks prior to the event. If you have an interest in contributing to either, please let us know through the "Help Out" button at the top of the page.

Numbers still increasing

The board has been incredibly pleased with the ever increasing numbers in volunteers helping out. We wanted to give a shout out to our new members and those who help out with the biweekly run cleanings.