Club New Late Fall 2017

Older photo of the Fish and Game Club Farm. More about this below.

Older photo of the Fish and Game Club Farm. More about this below.

Farm Update

The improvements to the farm are definitely making things go smoother for feeding and cleanups. Unfortunately, the concrete runs are starting to show age and will need some work this coming summer. The fish seem to be happy and healthy with their beautiful late fall colors coming out.


Stocking the kids ponds have ended for the season. Next stocking will be late April, early May in anticipation of the 2018 Kids Derby. Visits to the kids ponds suggest that there's still plenty of fish to be caught while the water is open. We'd also like to thank CPW for helping by stocking about 1000 smaller trout for the kids derby (as well as their help supplying the rods during).

Off Season Activities

While tailwater like South Boulder Creek keeps the ability to catch fish year-round here in Boulder, most take the season off. There's plenty of non-fishing activities going on at the local shops. Keep an eye on the local shops social media (especially Facebook) pages for more info on these events such as fly tying classes. The local shops that help support the club can be found on our supporters page.

Fund Raising Activities

Repairs to the fish farm and the age of our equipment are leading up to the need for additional fundraising activities for the club. The best part of this is that these tend to be fun and more exciting than the day to day duties. If you have any ideas or wish to contribute, please send us an email through the contact us page. We're looking to do some events over the winter such as brewery nights or fly tying classes. Additionally, we're looking into getting hats and shirts printed and available on this site. Finally, we hope to have the donation link ready to go by mid to end of this coming winter.

New, Old photos and Videos

Longtime club (and board) member Dick Ross was able to find some older photos of the high lakes, the Fish and Game Club property, and the kids fishing derby from what looks like the late 70s or early 80s. Even more exciting, there's footage of high lake stocking from the 1950's. The footage shows the club stocking the high lakes using horses and what seems to be surplus jeeps. We're very excited about this and hope to get this media up on the site shortly. Some of the photos have already been added to the historical section of the site and below is a small gallery of others.


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