Evert Pierson Kids Ponds


The Evert pierson Kids FIshing ponds...

were originally gravel pits owned by the university. In 1949, the Boulder Fish and Game club converted the pits to fishing ponds. Soon after, the first kids fishing derby was held during Tom Fin and Betty Thatcher Day celebration.

During the floods in 2013, the ponds were filled in with silt and a good amount of damage was done to the platforms and inlet and outlet to the pond. Thanks to funds from the city and FEMA with an additional $5000 raised by the Boulder Flycasters (Boulder's Trout Unlimited Chapter) the ponds are back up and running.

Today, the Kids Fishing Derby happens during the Boulder Creek Festival on Memorial Day weekend. Rods and Tackle are supplied by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Thanks to exceptional donations from both local and non-local organizations and businesses, the kids get the chance to win great prizes as well as learn more about fishing.

The kids ponds are open as long as ice is not covering the surface. The Fish and Game club does our best to make sure that the ponds are stocked once a month through the summer months to insure kids fishing the ponds have a good shot at reeling one in.