Paul Kuehnel - Current Club President


Boulder Fish and Game Club

Originally an arm of the Boulder chamber of commerce. The Boulder Fish and Game Club has been a part of Boulder, Colorado since the early 1900s. The duties of the club have varied over the years. From promoting Boulder as sportsman's paradise, to stocking the high lakes, to the more recent duties of maintaining the Evert Pierson Kids Ponds. The club continues to be a part of Boulder today.

To the left are links to more information regarding different aspects of the club. Our rich history dating back to the beginning of last century including origins of our fish farm. Our farm lies hidden in the middle of downtown Boulder and is usually home to 3000+ trout. When ready, the trout are stocked in the Evert Pierson Kids Ponds along the Boulder Creek path near the justice center.

In addition, please visit our supporters page, without the support of these local and not so local business and individuals, it would be difficult to keep up such a great tradition for Boulder, Colorado.