Boulder Fish and Game Club Fish Farm - Late 1970s

Boulder Fish and Game Club Fish Farm - Late 1970s


The Boulder fish and game club...

Was originally formed in 1907 as a branch of the chamber of commerce for Boulder, Colorado and assigned with the task of promoting Boulder as a sportsman's paradise. The first meeting of the club occurred on September 3rd, 1908 at Weber's Barber shop in downtown Boulder (1308 Pearl St. currently occupied by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory). The head of the club when formed was Pete Johnson of Boulder, an immigrant from Sweden. Their first stocking of fish comprised of 24 milk canisters which held 4000 juvenile trout. These trout were stocked all over Boulder County in places like Allenspark, Ward, Eldora, Nederland, and a spot on Boulder Creek in town referred to as "by the perfect tree". They raised these fish in rearing ponds in Boulder Canyon, near where the Alps Bed and Breakfast currently stands.

In 1927, the Fish and Game Club was able to purchase the property where the Club's fish farm currently resides in downtown Boulder. Before the fish and game club, the property was owned by Boulder City Brewery and later Crystal Springs Brewery. The fish farm was (and today still is) able to utilize Crystal Spring, which runs under the area of Boulder referred to as the hill, as a source for the water for the fish runs without the use of electricity. 

In the 1950s, the fish rearing was moved to the Varsity Ponds on the University of Colorado campus. During this time, the Fish and Game Club stocked over 2 million fish in Boulder County. Soon after, fish rearing was brought back to the farm where it continues today at 966 Arapahoe Ave.

In September 2013, a large flood filled the kids ponds with a large amount of silt making them unusable and damaging access to them. Thanks to the local government and a grant from FEMA, the kids ponds were brought back into service and given some upgrades to provide better accessibility to the ponds for all kids.