Club News Late Fall 2018

Hope everyone had a great fall fishing season! Here’s the club news for the end of fall 2018.

First Run at the Farm.

First Run at the Farm.

Farm Update

As we move into winter, the farm goes into a bit of low maintenance mode. The runs are still cleaned every other week, but other “side-duties” are held off until springtime. The water flow from Crystal Spring has been more than adequate through the fall and shouldn’t be an issue into winter.

Kids Ponds

Due to lower than normal creek flows, the gate at the kids ponds were closed off for a month in late August into September. We believe this didn’t do much harm to the fish population. With a wetter fall, the gates were back open and things were back to normal. Situations like this will occur very infrequently in situations where other irrigation and water rights take precedent. The good news here is that Parks and Wildlife did stock the ponds in late September.

Biology Report

Each year. the farm must complete a biology test to make sure the fish we’re raising are healthy as is the farm’s water quality. As always, we passed with flying colors. 65 fish were harvested and tested. Luckily only internals get tested, so the rest of the fish made for a delicious meal for one of the local senior centers. As always, we thank our caretaker, Michael Thompson, for all the work he does to keep the fish happy and healthy.

Irrigation Ditch Salvage

In late November, we were asked by the city to help in the salvage of fish who had gotten trapped in a seasonal irrigation ditch that was getting shut down. Head over to the full article here to read more.