Club News Winter 2016/2017

These old milk jugs were used to hold fish for the high lake stocking.

These old milk jugs were used to hold fish for the high lake stocking.

Fish Farm

Cleaning and maintaining of the fish farm has continued as business as usual. Nothing of note to report as the fish seem happy and healthy. The repairs and improvements in the fall have helped a great deal as well. Michael Thompson, the care taker of the farm, continues to do an excellent job.



No stocking happens during the winter months due to the Kids Ponds being completely iced over. It will resume in April and leading up the kids derby in May. Anglers continue to post pictures on social media of our Cuttbows being caught in Boulder Creek from the stocking in 2015.


Directors Meeting

The directors meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 14th at 6pm in the Flagstaff room at Boulder Public Library. Again all are welcome to attend.


Interested in donating to the kids derby?

We're always looking for donations for prizes for the kids derby in May. If you're interested in donating, please get in contact with us through the form in the about us tab.

Club News Fall 2016

Fish Farm

Raising the fish has been business as usual. The fish we received from Colorado Parks and Wildlife have been doing great thanks to the hard work of our caretaker, Michael Thompson. One of the sheds on the property needed to be torn down and has been. In the process, the roof of the other shed is being replaced and the overhang over the runs is being taken out as well. The farm will look a lot more like it did in the 90s.


Stocking has gone great over the summer. We stocked the kids ponds once a month from May to September. The fish seem to be doing great in the kids ponds.

High Lake Stocking

Sadly, a mix-up in the location of the fish meant we did not get a chance to stock the high lakes this year. In the coming year we plan to reach out to a few local conservation groups to assist them in high lake stocking.

Board of Directors Meeting: November 15th

The board of directors meeting will be held at 6pm on November 15th at the Boulder Public Library in the Flagstaff room. All are welcome to attend.